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Baby shoes factory manufacture soft sole baby shoes, baby moccasins , baby boots and hard sole baby shoes. Experienced OEM service and Quick order Delivery!

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Our Factory Specialized in baby shoes, baby moccasins, soft baby boots and hard sole baby shoes . High quality Eco-leather and fast order delivery.

  • baby shoes for baby girl
    Baby Shoes Early Bird

    Baby shoes lovely earliy bird for little baby girl , Premium genuine leather soft touch and flexible for little feet growing. rose pink shoes good for party dress and fashion normal wear. Several colors available . 

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  • baby love shoes
    Leather Baby Shoes

    Genuine leather soft sole shoes for newborn baby girl, with cute love on top , suede leather sole non slip and easy to slip on and off. Antislippery perfect for baby indoor prewalking and crawling. round toe more space for little feet growing. Several colors available for leather baby shoes. 

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  • pink heart shoes
    Baby Girl Shoes

    Fashion lovely shoes for little baby girl. Big pink heart on top girl love.Classic grey shoes all match no matter casual wears or Party dress. Great soft shoes for baby girl first step shoes .

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  • newborn shoes leather
    Newborn Leather Shoes

    When it comes to finding the perfect shoes for your newborn, comfort and practicality take the front seat. After all, your little one's feet are still growing and developing, which means they need the right kind of support and protection. That's where newborn leather shoes with a soft sole come in handy. They are comfortable, stylish, and provide t1

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  • pink cat shoes for baby girl
    leather shoes baby

    Leather shoes baby are a perfect pair for your precious little one. They offer support and comfort for your baby's feet, and the design is often fun and stylish. If you're looking for the perfect shoe for your baby's first steps, then look no further than leather shoes baby. Genuine leather, handmade, prewalking, soft sole, OEM - all these features1

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  • baby shoes bloomflowers
    Leather Baby Shoes Girls

    leather baby shoes girls with bloomflowers for newborn baby girls. fashion lovely soft shoes with flowers embroidery down,quality shoes soft and great comfortable indoor walking shoes

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  • baby leather shoes soft sole
    Baby Leather Shoes Soft Sole

    Baby leather shoes soft sole,Premium leather quality for soft newborn baby girls. Colorful butterflys on white tops, fashion lovely for little baby girls party dress and casual wears. Designs embroidery stitch down .

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  • baby pink star shoes
    Baby Girl Casual Shoes

    Made from the softest leather, the soft shoes are gentle on your baby's delicate skin and provide just the right amount of support for those tiny feet. With a cute star design in a pretty white shade, your little one is sure to look stylish and feel comfortable all day long. Whether your baby is just starting to crawl or is already taking their fir1

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  • baby leather shoes abc
    Baby Leather Shoes ABC

    High quality soft sole shoes for baby boy, cute ABC design perfect gift for baby first step shoes. Brown background with pale blue trim,classic shoes good for party dress even casual wears. soft suede leather sole big comfortable for newborn feet growing and indoor prewalking .Custom designs are welcome.

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  • leather baby shoes rocket
    Baby Shoes Rocket

    Soft sole shoes for newborn baby boy, silver rocket give baby great imagination upon sky with shining stars. dark grey background not only fit party dress but also casual wear. Genuine leather good for little feet growing, it's more breathable make little feet more comfortable. Great soft shoes for newborn first step prewalking .

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  • newborn baby shoes policecar
    Newborn Baby Shoes

    Newborn leather shoes with kangaroo in beige, genuine leather soft and breathable for little feet growing, also soft sole suede leather sole antislip and flexible, perfect soft sole shoes for little baby indoor crawling, best gift for newborn babies.

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  • newborn leather shoes kangaroo
    Newborn Leather Shoes

    Newborn leather shoes with kangaroo in beige, genuine leather soft and breathable for little feet growing, also soft sole suede leather sole antislip and flexible, perfect soft sole shoes for little baby indoor crawling, best gift for newborn babies.

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  • baby leather shoes white elephant
    Baby Leather Shoes

    Cute elephant for little baby boy, genuine leather breathable and comfortable for little feet indoor walking. custom baby shoes are welcome. mix colors available

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  • baby sport shoes
    Baby Sport Shoes

    baby sport shoes soft sole with silver strip ,black shoes match baby boy any out wears. No slip suede leather sole, perfect for newborn baby prewalking, Genuine leather Breathable flexible good for little feet crawling and growing. several colors available ,like navy, pink, white, brown, any custom baby shoes are welcome.

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  • baby boy shoes snowman
    Baby Shoes For Boy

    High quality handmade soft shoes for newborn baby boy, with snowman on top , great christmas gift for baby boy first step shoes, soft sole antislippery good for little boy indoor prewalking. several sizes available from 0-24months

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  • Baby shoe zebra
    Baby Shoes

    Soft shoes for newborn baby boy, suede leather sole anti-slip for little feet indoor crawling, 100%genuine leather Breathable and comfortable,quality stitching and premium soft touch for newborn baby first step shoes

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  • white gold moccasin
    Baby Gold Moccasins Custom

    Soft sold shoes white genuine leather with shining gold ankle , good for baby girl party shoes as well indoor pre walking; easy to stay on

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  • toddler moccasin
    Toddler Moccasins

    Fahion Camouflage printing, popular shoes for newborn baby boy, Custom prints welcome . Non-slip soft suede leather sole, perfect for toddler prewalking

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  • baby moccasins blue
    Leather Baby Moccasins

    Fashion Genuine leather soft sole moccasins, soft touch shoes for newborn baby boy, custom colors welcome for OEM designs

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  • moccasins for baby girl
    Infant Girl Moccasins

    Genuine leather upper with pink camouflage for baby girl. custom colors and designs welcome for soft moccasins

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  • baby pink moccasins
    Moccasins for Baby Girls

    Soft pink shoes with big pink butterfly tie ,great soft shoes for newborn baby girls. antislip suede leather sole, perfect for indoor pre walking

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  • grey baby moccasin
    Baby moccasins OEM soft sole

    Soft suede grey moccasins, all fit for baby boys and girls. Soft sole,perfect indoor prewalking. custom colors accept as well leather type; Custom Patchworks stitch on top welcome

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  • green moccasins
    Suede infant moccasins OEM

    Barefoot soft green suede moccasins for babies. antislip soft sole good for newborn feets growing. buyers designs welcome, emboss logo accept.

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  • purple baby moccasins
    Leather Baby Moccasins

    Fashion sole shoes, perfect newborn indoor pre walking shoes. custom designs and colors welcome as brand embossed logo. Great popular for babi

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  • Blue sandals for Newborn Baby
    Toddler Sandal Shoes

    Toddler Sandals with super soft leather to create a comfortable wear for newborn baby. Cut-outs provide extra breathability with simply design ensure the sandal looks great with any summer outfit

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  • Kids casual sandals
    Sandals Kids Shoes

    Perfect for Hot Summer Shoes,100% Genuine leather ensure Breathable, the Simple Soft Sole is a wardrobe essential for little babies.

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  • Baby girl sandals
    Infant Shoes Girls Colorful Little Flowers

    Classic White Shoes with Little Flowers,Soft Sole Infant Shoes With Non-slip Suede Leather Sole , Perfect For Baby Indoor Walking.

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  • toddler shoes with Big anchor
    Toddler Shoes Boys

    Cool Big Anchor Shoes Popular for Toddler Boys, Soft Leather Sole Flexible For Newborn's Feet; Several Colors Available for Good Choice.

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  • baby gold sandal shoes
    Sandal Shoes

    Shining gold shoes with punch out holes, perfect for baby summer wear, soft non slip suede leather sole, flexible for baby's feet growing

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  • Purple girl sandals
    Infant Sandals

    Fashion purple shoes for little baby girl. punch out holes great comfortable summer sandals. soft sole suede leather sole, non-slip easy to stay on. 

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  • brown toddler sandals
    Toddler Sandals

    soft sole brown shoes with contrary stitching, toddler summer sandals, breathable leather perfect for newborn summer wears

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  • butterfly baby sandals
    Baby Girl Sandals

    Soft pink shoes for newborn baby girls. butterfly on top girls love, great popular soft shoes for pre walkers

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  • baby winter boots
    Baby Girl Winter Boots

    Boots for newborn baby ,soft suede leather sole for little feet crawling, Warm faux fur full lined great comfortable; Elastic band easy to stay on and off . OEM designs welcome with brand logo, custom design and baby boots package.

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  • Brown Baby Winter Boots
    Hotsale Leather Baby Boots

    Soft warm shoes for newborn baby, suede leather with faux fur lined, soft warm shoes and great comfortable for baby winter wear. custom color welcome

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  • grey boots
    Leather Baby Boots

    Soft leather boots for little boy indoor warm wears. faux fur lined great comfortable and flexible for newborn feet growing and keep feet warm in cold weather. soft sole suede leather antislipper, easy to slip on and off.

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  • Purple baby boots
    Fashion Soft Purple Baby Warm Shoes Boots for Newborn Prewalking

    Warm shoes for newborn baby with fashion purple, great popular for baby girls party shoes. Soft and warm fur lined protect babi's feet avoid from cold. Soft touch non-slip sole better for newborn little feet growing

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  • Infant Ankle Boots
    Baby Leather Boots

    Soft flexible winter shoes for newborn babies. fashion shining stars on top great popular . faux fur lined comfortable for infant winter wear. Non-slip sole easy to stay on. soft sole perfect for baby indoor crawling. 

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  • baby boots grey
    Soft sole leather baby boots

    Soft sole boots with faux fur lined, great comfortable for baby winter wears. custom colors and brand logo welcome for little boots, great comfortable and warm for little feet winter warm crawling.

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  • soft sole pink boots
    Baby Pink Leather Boots

    Premium soft silky genuine leather, with warm faux fur, great comfortable for baby winter wear, soft suede leather sole perfect for baby indoor crawling, great popular booties for newborn toddlers.

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  • leather red boots
    Soft sole suede leather baby boots

    Soft suede leather with warm faux fur, perfect winter boots for newborn baby

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  • Baby outdoor shoes
    Baby Hard Sole Shoes

    Baby Boy Shoes with hard sole, Perfect outdoor slipper for toddler prewalking.

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  • baby walking shoes hard bottom
    Baby Walking Shoes Hard Bottom Perfect for Toddler Outdoor Walking

    Baby Walking Shoes Perfect Outdoor Baby Slippers for Toddler, Customized Colors Welcome!

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  • rubber sole baby shoes
    Baby Shoes For Girl Toddler Rubber Sole Shoes Perfect for Prewalkers

    Baby Shoes For Girl Toddler Rubber Sole Shoes Perfect for Prewalkers , Customized Colors Welcome!

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  • hard sole baby shoes
    Baby Shoes Hard Sole Toddler Shoes

    Baby Shoes with Rubber Sole, Perfect for baby outdoor walking shoes

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  • hard sole baby shoes
    kids' shoes

    Kids Shoes with Padded soles, baby hard sole shoes Perfect for toddler walking shoes, mix colors available

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Quanzhou Dameiyi Shoes Industrial Co.,Ltd

-Quanzhou Dameiyi Shoes Industrial Co.,Ltd, is an owned ventured factory, specialized in soft sole Leather Baby Shoes, Baby Moccasins, Baby Sandals & Baby Boots and Hard Sole Baby Shoes,Kids Shoes and Children Shoes.   -Registered in 2010, we started to offer OEM/ODM service. With more than 10years OEM/ODM experienced, Designs we develop enjoy a good feedback from our customers. Customized designs and Brand logo is highly welcomed. -We know The Important Safety for babies.  Leathers we use for the soft baby shoes are Eco-friendly leathers, Passed CE Certificate and US safety Standards.  Cow suede leather use for the shoes are Lead free .  All used on the shoes are in high level Quality.    Our production capacity for soft leather baby shoes up to 2,000pairs per day.  Order lead time could arrange in 10-35days.  Quick Order delivery is available. Please feel free to contact us for a quick order delivery .   All Our soft baby shoes are handmade. Each details we get well to make sure they are in good quality!  After carefully packing, we will inspect each pair shoes again,  then recheck all details before  putting into shipping cartons , and Recheck Quantity again to make sure each order our clients they have the correct order quantity. We promise a 99.9% real order quantity shipped.    Meanwhile, We offer Door to Door shipping . by DHL, Fedex, By air , by sea . Any shipping ways work for us!   To get economic shipping cost, please contact us to work out the best shipping cost ! Factory Processing Pictures: Sample Corner : Baby Shoes Processing Procedure :  Any new inquiry, please feel free to contact us. Hope we could work together in the near future and a long-term Happy cooperation !  
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Our factory was founded in 2010, with 10Years more OEM Experienced for Newborn shoes ,soft sole Baby Shoes, Moccasins ,Kids shoes. Assessed by SGS .  Leathers use for the baby shoes, are tested and Pass EU & USA safety standards.

Latest News

Our factory was registed in 2010,engaged in the soft leather baby shoes more than 10years. From here, we will update latest news about our factory, new designs, new shipping, new promotion for orders and our production schedule. Meanwhile welcome your inquiry.

Baby Shoes Manufacture New Production Plan For Late Year
Jun 21, 2024

15 years more baby shoes manufacture, new order production plan for July, August, September and October .  Right now our production have full arranged for July and August.  Part of September production have booked .  New order Baby shoes plan for late September ,Please update us as so...

Soft Sole Newborn Prewalker Shoes UK Door to Door Delivery
May 29, 2024

Soft Sole Newborn prewalker shoes uk door to door delivery Custom baby shoes to uk. Our factory-Dameiyishoes, up 15years OEM service for soft newborn shoes, we know well the important for baby first step shoes, not only should Eco-friendly, Also the important for little feet growing, Leather no...

Newborn Leather Shoes Soft Sole New Shippment
May 24, 2024

Baby Shoes Manufacture: Soft sole Newborn Leather shoes , in time fast order lead time Amazon hotsale baby shoes , accept OEM/ODM Custom brand logo and package Small order baby shoes Door to door delivery Fast in-time feedback .

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